About us

Qingdao Haoyun Logistics Co., Ltd. specializes in international transportation business, providing customers at home and abroad with import, export, air booking, export customs declaration cargo transportation services, including booking, stowage, customs declaration, warehousing, delivery, insurance and a number of logistics services. The advantage routes include Southeast Asia line, American line, European line, South America line, West Africa line, etc. it can also provide domestic transportation services and provide customers with a full range of logistics transportation services.

The company's business functions, the implementation of modern management, and has an experienced, skilled business, good professional ethics staff, to provide customers with quality, appropriate service. We are committed to let every customer enjoy high quality service and sincere communication. Hope that through the continuous efforts of our company, our quality service can contribute to the development of every customer, and become your partner with reliable reputation. Welcome new and old customers to consult!


Our advantage

Qingdao Haoyun Logistics Co., Ltd. mainly exports, supplemented by import, air transportation and logistics warehousing. Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and Africa are our core strengths. We can also handle exports to South America and North America. In addition, our business covers special containers for filling global routes. Our professional team will provide you with safe logistics service!

Ocean Freight

We have the advantage of shipping price in Europe, Middle East, Mediterranean, Southeast Asia, Africa, America and Australia, and focus on providing first-class shipping service

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Special Case

For example, special containers such as refrigerators, 20ot, 40ot, 20fr and 40fr, such as refrigerators, 20ot, 40ot, 20fr and 40fr.

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Warehouse / Trailer

Qingdao port has its own warehouse, convenient for customers to load and unload goods. With professional Trailer team, the price has absolute advantage, all over the country can arrange Trailer

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Import And Export

Can provide customers with land, sea, air and other customs supervision area of import and export agency services and consulting air and other customs supervision area of import and export agency serv

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Safe and reliable freight forwarder

When you choose Qingdao Haoyun, it means that you choose international logistics experts with excellent international logistics services. Give us the goods and let us help you with all the problems!